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Itrin is a benevolent god who resides within the volcano Itrehosk (lit. "throne of Itrin"). Petitioners who ascend to the smouldering crater can earn his favour and receive a measure of divine power. Itrin prefers to work through agents, knowing that direct exertion of his powers can cause widespread devastation, but he maintains a keen interest in mortal affairs and occasionally visits other volcanoes around the world to observe and smite evil-doers. Of course, even the appearance of one of his mortal servants, clad in molten iron plate mail, is usually enough to give evil creatures pause for thought.

Even those who only live on the lower slopes of Itrehosk benefit from his protection. The famous monastery of Itrin-ka-yon provides restorative services both medicinal and magical to those in need, including access to the blessed hot spring for which the monastery is named. Such hot springs can be found in many places around the volcano, all of them coursing with divine energy to heal the wounds of those who bathe in them. It is said that some of the larger springs can regenerate missing limbs, and the most holy can even breathe new life into a dead body submerged in its steaming waters.


King of the Fiery Mount, The Flame That Heals, The Molten One, The Restful Watcher

Common Rites

Healers who follow Itrin conduct their task by the light of a flame, even if daylight is sufficient. A simple candle will serve.

A common ritual followed by Itrinians involves the leaves of a plant called tea, which grows on the lower slopes of the volcano. The dried leaves are boiled in water and the resulting fluid enjoyed as a drink. Occasionally, a batch of dried leaves may be blessed with divine magic, yielding rare items such as tea leaves of insight, tea leaves of regeneration, or tea leaves of fire immunity.

Clerics of Itrin traditionally consume tea in the afternoon, as part of a ritual which is also the usual time for them to pray for divine spells.

Magma/lava is considered holy by Itrinians, and they are loathe to extinguish it except in a matter of life and death.

Followers of Itrin often carry a small vial containing springwater from Itrehosk. The water loses its healing potency once it has cooled, but it still has symbolic value. It is typically worn on a leather thong around the neck, and can serve as a holy symbol.

Although Itrin dwells in a known location, it is not traditional to face towards Itrehosk while praying. Rather, his followers pray towards either the nearest volcano (if known), or any flame, or else with face downwards.


  • Fire
  • Healing
  • Steam [Water]
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